We support you regardless of your primary focus; we have reps who are Insurance Agents, Certified Public Accountants -CPA, Certified Financial Planner – CFP, Investment Advisor, or Retirement Planners. We don’t tell you what you “should” focus on. We’re here to serve the independent rep regardless of your primary business focus.

You’ve worked hard to become a CFP, trusted investment advisor, or retirement planner and so we respect that. Building your business is important and changing firms can be a determining factor as to how you conduct your business. As an independent rep you should talk to those who have made World Choice their broker dealer home and hear how other independent reps are growing their business. As an independent broker dealer we are here to help our representatives and financial advisors throughout their transition. With our help your move becomes a very manageable task. Being independent doesn’t mean being alone. We become your back office.

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Rep Compensation

Each Rep's payout percentage is based on their verifiable volume of production. We have a schedule detailing the various levels which we will be glad to email upon request. If you come to us in a group, we can make a "group pay out deal" based on the total volume of the group. For those who want to recruit and manage other reps, we can set you up as an OSJ office if you are qualified with the proper licenses and experience. It has become necessary for us to have a minimum production volume to make it worthwhile for the rep and the broker/dealer to cover their basic costs. Our current minimum is $50,000 of annual commissions which can be satisfied by either securities or insurance production. We do not pay signing bonuses because we think the independent rep should own his business and build value for his future. Pay is twice a month; around the 15th and after month end.


Our fees consist of Errors & Omissions Insurance, Brokerage Workstation (optional) and your Registration costs. If you add additional services such as real time quotes, research, etc., you will be charged at our cost. There are additional programs such as Laser App, RIA services provided by our clearing firm which you may wish to investigate. WE DO NOT HAVE A LOT OF HIDDEN FEES!


At World Choice you have a very extensive list of products to choose from which are all provided by outside parties. Just ask and we will be glad to email the complete list of selling agreements to you. We do not believe in proprietary products, short lists or favored providers. Our only commitment is to you and your customer to get the best product for their investment goals. Our products include: Mutual Funds, Variable Annuities/Life, Unit Investment Trusts, Limited Partnerships, Private Placements, 1031 Exchanges, Stocks, Bonds, Brokered CD's, Fixed Insurance products, Disability and Retirement Plans. Our focus is on the Financial Planner's need and we want you to have all the tools to do an outstanding job for your clients.


World Choice clears through COR Clearing, which provides industry experience partnered with an acclaimed technology platform. Their home office is in Omaha, Nebraska.

COR's management team offers over 100 years of combined experience in operations, accounting, information technology, regulatory and compliance affairs. They deliver superior service that is timely and accurate. Their service culture is one of honesty, integrity and responsibility; which matches our great service ethic and culture.

We feel we get the best service in the business from COR and our pricing is excellent. For a copy of our clearing costs just ask for a statement to be emailed to you. Our reps have a choice of work stations depending on their level of detail required. Through COR we offer checks, debit cards, and all the services the major clearing firms offer customers. You can see your client's accounts, make trades and print statements from your computer. Your clients can see their accounts via the internet and have real time values on their accounts. COR is a first class choice. For additional information on COR Clearing, visit www.corclearing.com


We provide a line-up of the best insurance companies available utilizing wholesale specialists as resources. We have options for variable, indexed and fixed annuities as well as variable, indexed, whole and term life.

Registered Investment Advisor RIA

World Choice offers advisory services in Texas and Florida as a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). We can add other states if the addition makes good business sense. You may have your own RIA if you prefer and we will do the monitoring and compliance suitability review that is required. We can do the custodial work for you or you may choose an outside company. Again, we view your business as independent and give you choices that fit your situation.


The World Choice Reps have the latest technology to aid them in their business. We do not create a basket of services and charge all reps a technology fee whether they need it or not! (which has become so prevalent in the industry today) We give you tools that reps really use. We don't try to blind you with shiny window dressing that brings no value or profit to your business. World Choice gives you features not-for-show but because they are great ideas.

  • All World Choice forms are available online at our web site - you don't have to wait for shipment or faxes to close the deal. This eliminates busy work and saves you valuable selling time while providing a high degree of accuracy.
  • Our Rep back office provides, at no cost to you, access to the "Sugar Suite" program which automates your sales management, client database, contact management, calendar, and case management/tracking. This is a very powerful tool!
  • We subscribe to Laser App Software to arrange for every form you ever use to be available online for populating and fast printing. Applications, Account Transfer forms and New Account forms can be populated with speed and accuracy. Again, you save time and make money. Once you create a client database the system populates your forms from your database. (Each rep has to subscribe with Laser App directly; Cost is about $400 sign up, $150 annual renewal paid to them.) What a time saver!
  • For a nominal fee you can elect to have one of three brokerage workstations, which gives you real-time access to your accounts 24/7. Your clients get their access free. Additional features such as real time quotes or research can be added if you wish.
  • We also have an array of services available from COR Clearing which you may want to explore. The key is to find out what you need and how best to automate for efficiency. Let us help you select the combination that best fit's your style and need.
  • Our Rep back office portal on the company web site offers links to our fixed insurance providers: one for Life Insurance and one for Annuity. Through these portals you can track your business for underwriting, additional case requirements and commission status. You may get insurance quotes and comparisons from a large number of carriers to find the best fit for your client. Remember, we have no proprietary products at World Choice so the primary consideration is always which is best for your customer. Our web links also provide up-to-date information on current topics and developments in the industry. These links make it possible for you to do your business fast and efficiently via your web resources.

Remember, when it comes to technology the details make all the difference. That's why we suggest you take a "test drive " of these systems to see how they can meet your needs. Just call and we will schedule a time to give you an online demo.

Quality Compliance

Our focus in compliance is to meet all requirements, to do a good job of protecting everyone, and to do it in a way that is not too intrusive to you and your client. The Compliance Officer at World Choice has "been in your shoes " selling on commission and understands your perspective. We believe the client should have the information they deserve and what you would want if you were buying. The approach we take is educational and we try to be efficient and thorough.


We encourage marketing for our reps. Our compliance strives for fast turn-around of marketing materials and we have some pre-approved material. We support Visions web services which have automated compliance approval and address specific issues for registered reps. With Send-out-Cards you can have a very efficient and economical contact system for drip campaigns and staying in touch with your prospects and clients. Each of our insurance wholesalers provide lead programs which you can have access to (one can be free if you qualify). Many of our reps market through School 403b retirement plans, use CPA referrals and market through local banks. We are familiar with these methods of marketing and more so we are better able to help you.


Currently we are registered in the following states:

Alabama (AL) Arizona (AZ) Arkansas (AR) California (CA) Colorado (CO)
Florida (FL) Georgia (GA) Illinois (IL) Indiana (IN) Iowa (IA)
Kansas (KS) Kentucky (KY) Louisiana (LA) Maine (ME) Maryland (MD)
Massachusetts (MA) Michigan (MI) Minnesota (MN) Missouri (MO) Montana (MT)
Nebraska (NE) New Hampshire (NH) New Jersey (NJ) New Mexico (NM) New York (NY)
North Carolina (NC) Ohio (OH) Oklahoma (OK) Pennsylvania (PA) South Carolina (SC)
Tennessee (TN) Texas (TX) Utah (UT) Virginia (VA) Washington (WA)

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